Why Tulum?

Located in the heart of Mayan mysticism, Tulum offers the perfect dose of nature, Caribbean feeling, sports and spirituality. Experience world class kiteboarding conditions, step up your freestyle or head out to surf the waves. Explore the Mayan underground world and relax.
Tulum has grown its own identity and is becoming more and more popular also as kite destination. Apart from being home to ancient Mayan ruins and underwater caves, the cenotes, to dive and snorkel in, it is known by the international community as one of the best beach destinations in the world.

The air temperature in Tulum is, depending on the season, between 20 and 28 degrees, the water temperature of the Mexican Caribbean between 23 and 28 degrees. The kite season goes from November till June (best months: February until May). The wind is smooth and constant with 12 – 25 knots. Most of the time, the wind comes from north east, east or south east, onshore, side-onshore or side-shore. The waves can get 5m high but break at the reef in about 800m distance from the beach. Tulum is a great spot, both to learn kiteboarding as well as to jump into the waves and work on your tricks. We recommend kite sizes from 8m to 14m.


the experience

Tulum offers the right conditions for different styles of kiteboarding such as freestyle, free riding, wave style and downwinders along the reef. The azure water at the long and white sand beaches is warm and crystal clear. All you need is your board short or bikini. Our packages include also activities such as tours to explore the Mayan underground cenotes or a visit of the famous Mayan ruins and much more. Our goal is to make you feel home in paradise.


fly with us

Tulum has a lot to offer. To garantie the best experience we put together the “must do” activities and we created two packages. The kiteparadise package is also for single travelers available, the kite coaching package for groups up to 6 people. Check out below what services are included and make your choice. Of course we can customize all activities for your vacation.

Highlights of every season are our kitetrips. We do usually daytime trips during the North is blowing off shore. Our most preferred places are Isla Blanca, a flat water spot closed to Cancun, or El Cuyo, a small fisher village located at the golf coastside of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our NEW end of season special and highlight in June 2019 is a kite circuit through Yucatan.

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kite paradise camp

for singles, couples, groups including:

  • accommodation in hotel
  • supervision
  • equipment storage
  • snorkel-cenote-tour
  • bike tour mayan ruins
  • taco dinner
  • yogaclasses
  • downwinder
  • paddle board

kite coaching camp

for groups up to 6 people including:

  • accommodation in own house
  • kite coaching
  • guided tour mayan ruins
  • breakfast by private chef
  • private cena mexicana
  • daily personal training
  • yogaclass
  • downwinder
  • paddle board

kite circuit yucatan

for groups from 4- 6 people, including:

  • transport incl. airport transfers
  • accommodation
  • lots of kiteboarding
  • downwinders
  • sightseeing
  • Kiteboarding at 3 best spots in Yucatan
  • Chitzen Itza
  • Merida
  • more info coming soon

stay with us

The Beach

Tulum beach has beautiful designed hotels at the beach. As space is limited there they all are a bit pricy, but its absoulutly worth if you want to wake up with a view on the ocean or stay in walking distance to the spot. The home of our kite school is the Chiringuito hotel. Right across the street you’ll find in Vida Silvestre beautiful jungle cottages.

The Town

In Tulum pueblo you are close to all nightlife, bars and restaurants. For groups we offer the brand new modern Casa Armonia, which is very spaciuos and has space for up to 6-8 people. If you travel alone or with your friend or partner we recommend our home residence the Luna Llena Boutique Hotel, a small boutique hotel with a very good service.


chiringuito hotel tulum

Camouflaged by nature, Chiringuito Tulum is an exclusive and peaceful site on the Mexican coast and the home of our kite school.

Vida Silvestre

vida silvestre tulum

When you arrive at Vida Silvestre you are entering an own world – the Caribbean mangrove forest, the best place for all nature lovers.


casa armonia tulum

Highend and spacious!  Casa Armonia is the perfect home for couples, families and groups. Bring your friends and enjoy the beautiful space.


boutique hotel luna llena

Our home residence, Luna Llena Boutique Hotel, is less a “hotel,” and more a “home away from home”. The standard is very European.


kite lessons

Our partner kite school offers the full range of classes from beginner until advanced, twintip, strapless and foil. All instructors are IKO licensed. We also rent gear.

Are you up to try something new?


mayan underground

Discover the Mayan underground world and explore incredible cenotes. Our guide will take you to an unforgetable snorkel tour.


paddle out

Keep in balance and paddle out. On not windy days our paddle board tour will bring you to some hidden places.



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