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paddle board tours

One of the best places for the paddle board tours is a quiet lagune, where you cruise along the mangroves and you will see various beautiful birds. If you are lucky and early in the morning you even can watch one of the small crocodiles (not dangerous) hiding in between the roots.

Afterwards you go for a refreshing swim to a hidden cenote with cristal clear freshwater, which invites you to snorkel in between little fishes and fancy seaplants. Good for your balance: just try out on one of the slacklines.


snorkel cenote tours

On our favorite snorkel tour you will explore the fascinating Mayan underground in a half cavern cenote, where you will be in a world you never have seen before.

In the cavern one you swim through small channels of absolute darkness until you enter big chambers where you can see bats flying. Floating along the stalagnites and hundreds of years old decorations you will feel like you entered a total different world – the mystic world of the Mayans. On my first time I was glad to have the guide with me as the channels seam like a labyrinth.

Discover Scuba Diving

cave diving & courses

Tulum is one the mekkas for cave diving. Our team has certified and experienced cave divers, who can bring you in the deepest cenotes (30m). Each of them is different and fascinating on its on.The ones who go the first time diving in a cenote don’t go that deep and visit other cenotes.

A special time for open water dives is when the bullshark females in winter arrive. Its a breathtaking experience to dive with them. For those of you who just want to start diving, you can book a Discover Scuba Diving Course or also a full course.

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