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kiteboarding rental

We have new equipment from DUOTONE Kiteboarding for rent.

SAFETY FIRST! We require to take a 1 hour lesson before you rent gear with us. With our instructor you can explore conditions in Tulum, refresh your skills and enjoy your ride feeling more save and relaxed. Our instructor will decide after the class if you are 100% independent, then you can rent. If you are an advanced rider we can adapt the lesson time to 30 Min.


Rental Full Gear 1 hr  lesson          90 USD
Rental Full Gear 1 hr                        70 USD
Rental Full Gear 2 hrs                    120 USD
Rental Full Gear 3 hrs                    160 USD

Rental Kiteboard Twintip   1 hr       25 USD
Rental Kiteboard Twintip   3 hrs     50 USD


The kiteboarder is responsible for all damages on the kite material during the time of the rental.


Surf and SUP Rental

There is no wind?

We have also surfboards, paddleboards (SUP) and snorkel masks waiting for you.


Surfboard 1 hr        20 USD
Surfboard 4 hrs      60 USD

Bodyboard 1 hr      10 USD


Paddleboard (SUP) 1 hr            25 USD
Paddleboard (SUP) full day     60 USD


Snorkel Masks 3 hrs        10 USD
Snorkel Masks full day   20 USD


The client is responsible for all damages on the material during the time of rental.

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