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Sunrises and sunsets are the most inspiring moments of the day. In the biosphere Sian Ka’an you are able to connect even closer to this daily spectacles of nature. Located south of Tulum the biosphere is the stretch of the coastline in between rivers, mangroves and the sea. Sian Ka’an is a protected nature reserve and became UNESCO World Heritage in 1987.

Origin of the Sky

The diversity of life there is fascinating as well as the shades of colors. In the Mayan language Sian Ka’an means “Origin of the Sky”. The other day we went to the lagoon to watch the sunset and its beautiful colors and shades reflecting on the surface of the water. Even a huge crocodile of 3m length obviously was enjoying the glance of light ending the day. It seemed that the huge reptile tanked some energy before diving down for hunting.

Daytrip Sian Ka’an

If you go there on a tour you can see some of over 300 species of birds, manatees, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles and 100 hundred kinds of fishes. Sian Ka’an is an ecosystem which is one of Mexico’s largest protected areas. Its 120 kilometers long and covers 400.000 hectares of marine, coastal and terrestrial land. On a day trip you experience tropical forest, wetland, lagoons, mangroves, beaches and dunes by boat. Its definitely one of the “must do” in Tulum.

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