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Yeah – the first Northwind is here and opens officially the wind season on the Yucatan Peninsula. Here in Tulum the Norte blows offshore, so we need to go to the gulf coast or Cancun to kite. But from tomorrow on wind will turn so we can kite with a nice sideshore in Tulum.

Let me introduce you to El Cuyo, a small fisher village on the gulf coast. It is one of the spots, where we can kite with the Norte. For someone who is used to the warm temperatures of the Carribean Sea its good to bring a full wetsuit and a hoodie. I just found this picture from my first trip in 2013 where wind was 25 knots and air and water temperature definately under 20 degrees. While we were enjoying the strenght of the wind and waves we were freezing all day. So we found the nick name “St. Peter Cuyo” as it reminded me a lot to conditions of the PKRA worldcup in 2012 in St. Peter Ording in Germany.

El Cuyo is worth a trip, you won’t find a lot of tourism there, the village is still original and lives from fishing. For the locals its one of the best kite destinations to train freestyle or surfboard as you have plenty of space and the shallow water helps beginners with the waterstart. It’s a good place where you rent a house and do your own barbecue as you will be provided almost every day with the freshest fish or lobster from the fisherman. We always have amazing trips there with long kite sessions and even longer barbecue nights.

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