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Welcome to our brand new website! We just created this page to become more visible for you. We want to give you all the information about what we are doing, our recommendations and tips, and what we offer to make your vacation in Tulum to an unique experience.


First I would like to introduce myself. I traveled to Tulum the first time in 2012 and started kiteboarding. I fell in love with Tulum, with the lifestyle and people here and of course with the sport.

It was not easy for me to learn, but I made it and kiteboarding became one of my biggest passions. To  improve I have got in 2015 my IKO assistant instructor licence. And more by coincidence I started one year later teaching. I love being an instructor, as its quite exiting to watch how students progress with the right tips. It always feels great to bring someone on the board and see him riding the first few meters.

What is special?

What is so special here? I started organizing the first kitecamps in 2014 as I liked the varicosity of Tulum as it is not only a great spot in the middle of nowhere as I visited a few in this world. There is so much to explore about nature and Mayan culture, you never stop discovering. We have a selection of the best tours here on this page.

There are exclusive hotels and quite fancy restaurants at the beach beside the more authentic and simple places in the pueblo. There is nightlife, and my favorite of it: in main season DJs from all over the world come here and play. All in all Tulum offers a fantastic mix of activities and everyone can find what he is up to. The Mexicans are very nice and friendly people and their smiles make my days even better.

Reconnecting to the nature

The absolute highlight is the beach at the 12km coastline of Tulum, where we have every day the opportunity to reconnect to the nature. The sea is cristal clear and warm, and if you love your freedom just kite the waves of the reef 800m far from the coast. Kiteboarding is a passion for those who want to be closed to the elements such as water, waves, wind and sun. Our conditions are challenging and changing with the wind, so its always something new waiting for you out there.

If you are interested in more info or you want to visit us, you are more than welcome. Just write as and we make your vacation unique.

Windy greetings from Tulum

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